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Welcome to Global Precious Metals, GPM, a company established in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


GPM enters the precious metals industry with a management team selected to create a company with decades of strong international relationships and significant experience in the precious metal industry.


GPM acquires precious metals from Africa and Latin America to be minted, hallmarked, and vaulted in Bahrain.

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About Us

Since 2003 to present, the owner/management team has been directly and indirectly buying and re-selling Gold Dore Bars. Working with co-ops, representing artisanal mining, alluvial mining, open-pit (opencast) mining and deep tunnel (shafts) mining operations. GPM is focused mainly on semi-institutional mining operations, as well occasionally institutional mining operations.


Our owner/management team has been an is presently involved in owning, consulting, the set up and operations of, mines, processing plants and refining/assay facilities.


Regarding this highly specialized business of precious metals, our owner/management team consults at the highest level, for several countries and financial institutions.


"GPM, proudly supports and stands firmly behind the OECD and its guidelines for responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict affected and high-risk areas."


"GPM, follows the AML-CFT guidelines and procedures as detailed in the International Monetary Fund."



This web page was created strictly for referrals from our strategic partners.

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